BCF update record of Windows
Keep up with the latest features, improvements and bugfixes of BCF.

  • Version number: 3.6.81
    Posted: 2022.03.31
    MD5: be93af07f929e622a45a74aeec15cfc6
    update content:

    1. Optimize the algorithm for automatic voting by nodes.

  • Version number:3.6.75
    Release time: 2021.11.25
    MD5: 5cb7065fed7423f9529609bd117ebc2e
    update content:

    1. Fix the bug of event download error during multi-node synchronization
    2. Fix the verification failure problem caused by event grouping when rebuilding the block

  • Version number: 3.6.73
    Release time: 2021.10.28
    update content:

    1. Solved the trouble on unstable connection of nodes from the nodepool in Intranet.
    2. Increased the length of the queue(s) for broadcast and added a new strategy on preferentially broadcasting non-voting events.
    3. Rectified the problem of prioritized broadcast on generating new blocks to the next block generator.

  • Version number: 3.6.72
    Release time: 2021.10.14
    update content:

    1. Solved the problem in unstable synchronization among multiple nodes
    2. Redefined the status codes of nodes
    3. Redesigned the specification of error codes

  • Version number: 3.6.71
    Release time: 2021.09.24
    update content:

    1. Fix the bug of abnormal node scan caused by duplex dependency injection
    2. Added restrictions to the interface indexTransaction/queryTransaction: the above interface only responds to nodes that have been added to the node list

  • Version number: 3.6.70
    Release time: 2021.09.17
    update content:

    1. During node forging and synchronization, the query interface response is busy to ensure a reasonable allocation of resources and the download transaction interface is not affected
    2. Block link port version number upgrade
    3. Database node table optimization

  • Version number: 3.6.68
    Release time: 2021.09.10
    update content:

    1. Optimize database log output and cleanup
    2. Fix the verification bug of the registration chain event
    3. Optimize the issuance and destruction of asset rights

  • Version number: 3.6.67
    Release time: 2021.08.27
    update content:

    1. Fix the problem that the node cannot be synchronized when the node connection is unstable
    2. Fix the problem that the database initialization fails when the peerscan process restarts
    3. Optimize the query and filter conditions of the interface
    4. Fix the problem of incorrect data caused by part of the cache not being cleaned up when rebuilding the blockchain

  • Version number: 3.6.66
    Release time: 2021.08.19
    update content:

    1. Optimize the download event interface to provide more efficient synchronization capabilities after block generation
    2. Fix the bug of parameter error of dappid purchase interface
    3. Fix the problem that the welcome animation is not displayed correctly.

  • Version number: 3.6.65
    Release time: 2021.08.13
    update content:

    1. Update the database index
    2. Update the minimum consensus of cross-chain guarantees
    3. Optimize network connection