BFChain Developer Community

An open source community helps you to build,
deploy and use high-performance blockchains and products.

Provide Services and Tools to Construct Blockchain Ecosystem.


Bioforest Chain
Node Software BCF

Bioforest Chain Node Software BCF

Fastly and Safely Build Your First Blockchain and PC Full Nodes.


Bioforest Chain White Paper

Learn more about the world’s first mobile public blockchain (Bioforest Chain).

The First Mobile Public Chain Program Worldwide, and the General Infrastructure in the New Digital Age.

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What is Bioforest Chain?
Born for credit, creating a credible era of credit for everyone.
What is BFChain Developer Community?
The BFChain Developer Community is a place where the tools needed to develop and build applications on BFChain, including a collection of related resources required by developers.
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Understand the frontiers of blockchain technology and industry development trends
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