Biological Chain Forest BFChain’s consensus mechanism is unique?

Consensus (Consensus), that is, the consensus reached. Since the emergence of human collaboration, consensus has been born. A functioning consensus mechanism can help an organization to collaborate and distribute efficiently. Is there a consensus in the following two situations? No cooperative relationship, such as fighting alone There is a ce

The technical characteristics and advantages of the Biological Chain Forest

1. Solve the core problems of the enterprise Bio-Chain Forest is a mobile-end blockchain underlying infrastructure with completely domestically-owned intellectual property rights. It is also the world's first mobile-end blockchain network. It has a unique consensus mechanism based on user participation and free-growing cross-chain technology, etc.

BFChain’s first mobile endpoint-to-point communication solution, where is it?

1 P2P communication on mobile difficulties Blockchain technology breaks many limitations of the traditional Internet. One of them is the P2P (peer to peer) communication method. At present, the blockchain has been well applied to the PC side, but it is still difficult to realize P2P data transmission on the mobile side. ▲ Schematic diagram of P2