Road to the public chain, where to break the game?

At the end of September, Duan Xinxing, the founder and CEO of Bytom, resigned and left the public chain stage that he had always been optimistic about. Half a month ago, the operating entity of another veteran domestic public chain GXC (GXC) was seized by the police for involvement in illegal crawling services, which caused an uproar in public opin

These two features are the cornerstone of the blockchain as the Internet of Value

Blockchain has the characteristics of non-tamperable and traceable data. This feature makes the blockchain just like history. What happened is what happened. There is no way to regret it, and the unofficial history cannot replace the official history and write the consensus of mankind. Blockchain allows the ownership of data to be confirmed, so tha

Learning | Why cryptography is the core of blockchain

Everyone knows that blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, but what is the core of blockchain technology? is cryptography. Cryptography is the core of blockchain technology. All transaction information will be encoded in the block, and the block chain is a structure formed by connecting these blocks together. Encryption technology

Bitcoin is not all of the blockchain, innovation is the future

All along, many people outside the block chain and [Bitcoin] ( confused , I think that Bitcoin is a blockchain, and a lot of "conse

Biological Chain Forest BFChain’s 5 major innovations in credibility

Compared with the traditional Internet, blockchain technology is often regarded as a solution to credit problems. The immutability of data, the uniqueness of data, the privacy and security of personal information, etc., are all regarded as the common features of the blockchain at the credibility level. So on the basis of these credible common chara

Biological Chain Forest BFChain’s consensus mechanism is unique?

Consensus (Consensus), that is, the consensus reached. Since the emergence of human collaboration, consensus has been born. A functioning consensus mechanism can help an organization to collaborate and distribute efficiently. Is there a consensus in the following two situations? No cooperative relationship, such as fighting alone There is a ce

The technical characteristics and advantages of the Biological Chain Forest

1. Solve the core problems of the enterprise Bio-Chain Forest is a mobile-end blockchain underlying infrastructure with completely domestically-owned intellectual property rights. It is also the world's first mobile-end blockchain network. It has a unique consensus mechanism based on user participation and free-growing cross-chain technology, etc.