Node deployment

Node deployment Prepare Disable SELinux sed -i's/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/g' /etc/selinux/config Install the software package yum install -y zip unzip ntp epel-release Synchronize network time ntpdate -u #Add a scheduled task to automatically synchronize the time at 3 o'clock in the morning every day echo "0 3 * * *

Instructions for sending event interface

Event class interface 1. Transfer event 1.1 Create transfer event The full name of the interface: trTransferAsset Callable methods: Http, Websocket, command line Calling method: post Interface url address: /api/transaction/trTransferAsset Request parameters: interface TrTransferAsset extends TrCommonParam { /**The amount of transferred equity, com

Block forger campaign

Block Forge Campaign Block forgers refer to nodes (ie miners) in the BFChain network that are responsible for collecting event information and packaging it into blocks. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary nodes, block forgers are also responsible for the following affairs: Collect events in the network; Verify the event and pack the ev

Consensus voting mechanism

Consensus voting mechanism BFChain block forgers are selected based on the trustee's votes and online rate and other parameters in accordance with the underlying consensus rules (see Block Forger Campaign for details). The number of votes obtained by the trustee is obtained by voting on the trustees who have started to receive votes through the add

Consensus incentive mechanism

Consensus incentive mechanism The consensus incentive mechanism is an incentive measure for miners who provide services such as computing power, network, storage, verification and packaging for the BFChain network, as well as an incentive measure for all address accounts that provide computing power, network and storage for participating in the BFC

Noun explanation

Glossary Event Type Event Type ID Event Type Name BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-01 Set security password BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-02 Registered Forger BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-03 Governance voting BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-04 Set address alias BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-05 Receive votes BFT-BFCHAIN-BSE-06 Decline to vote BFT-BFCHAIN-WOD-00 Create DAPPID BFT-BFCHAIN-WOD-01 DAPPID


Common problem sorting This chapter will introduce the solutions to common problems that may be encountered when using the BCF.exe version of the Biological Chain Forest data center. If you encounter a problem that is not listed in this chapter, please contact the BCF team (email address: for more support. Data generated when t

Node Management

Node management You can manage nodes in the following two ways: Send commands through the command line window for management Managed by the node manager provided by the biological chain forest This chapter only introduces how to manage your nodes through the command line window. If you want to learn how to manage nodes in Node Manager, please ref

Node deployment

Node deployment This chapter will introduce how to deploy nodes, including node deployment and chain deployment. Deployment method Single node deployment Follow the steps below to deploy a single node: Install the node program (BCF.exe) of the Biological Chain Forest data center version on a single node; Follow the instructions in Chapter 3 of th

Install and run

Install and run This operation manual is applicable to the BCF node program of V 3.6.62 and above. Operating environment In order to ensure that you can run the BCF node program smoothly, we recommend that you use the following configuration equipment: CPU: 16 cores (main frequency 3.0G+) Memory: 32G Hard disk: SSD 2T or above System: Win10