For so many years, why have 99.9% of people have not seen what a blockchain looks like?

Bitcoin has been ten years now, and the blockchain has been proposed as the underlying technology of Bitcoin for several years, and various protocols and technologies continue to appear. So why until now, 99.9% of people have never seen a blockchain? Isn't the application scenario of blockchain popular?

  1. From the root cause, the race for the underlying technology has not yet settled.

Block chains are mainly divided into public chains, alliance chains, and private chains. Among them, the public chain is the main battlefield for various project parties, just like Android and ios are for mobile phones, and windows is for computers. Without the support of the underlying operating system, the road to commercialization will not be promising. Public chains like ETH, EOS, and TRON have been competing for this market, but at present, the market has not yet reached the conditions for DAPP to explode. Decentralization, high concurrency, and security have always been issues that need to be solved urgently.

If DAPP cannot be successfully installed in the mobile phones of the majority of users, how can it be possible for the public to perceive the application landing scene of the blockchain?

Second, from the perspective of ordinary users, the current threshold for blockchain use is a bit too high.

  1. User learning costs are too high.

There are too many technical concepts in the blockchain, not to mention POW\POS\DPOS consensus, what Byzantine fault tolerance, ETH2.0, what CPU\RAM\NET, etc., even the simplest blockchain ledger, for the general public It is difficult to understand, especially these things are invisible and intangible by the general public. Only by reducing the cost of learning and without technical barriers can we better educate users.

  1. The use cost is too high.

The usage cost mentioned here mainly refers to account registration. Some projects require money to register an account. Such as EOS.

It is difficult for outsiders to imagine, I need money to register an account?

  1. The management of the private key is more complicated.

We all know that the private keys of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin correspond one-to-one with the public keys, and the private keys of most products are custom-generated and consist of a series of irregular numbers and letters. These private keys are very difficult to remember and can be easily lost if they are not kept properly. If the private key is lost, the encrypted assets are gone. Many people don't dare to enter when it is so complicated. The management of a private key makes many outsiders incomprehensible, and they are still talking about landing.

Therefore, if you want to make the blockchain closer to the general public, you must step out of the circle and lower the barriers to use.

In other words, blockchain products must enhance the user experience.

Based on the above two reasons, we will find that there is a lack of an important connection device between the existing blockchain and the user:

Mobile phone! In the longer term and more broadly speaking, it is mobile devices.

Think about it, everybody, before the popularization of mobile internet and smart phones, how many people would use computers? At that time, how many life scene applications did the PC-side Internet land?

But now, old people and old ladies in rural areas will use WeChat and Kuaishou, and there are no barriers between the general public and the Internet.

All of this lies in the fact that the smart phone is an important bridge, allowing the Internet to be everywhere, anytime, anywhere, so as to realize the landing of almost 360-degree life scenes.

However, in the current blockchain market, most public chains are still PC-side public chains, and mobile terminals cannot be directly connected to the chain. DAPP still needs to rely on third-party transfers. That is to say, ordinary people cannot directly connect to the blockchain through a mobile phone in their hands. What they connect through DAPP is only a certain node in the blockchain network.

No matter what product it is, it is ultimately used by ordinary users. If even ordinary users cannot be popularized, the technology in the tall is only a small group of products in a small circle.

In order for the general public to see the blockchain, participate in the blockchain, and use the blockchain without any barriers, this barrier must be broken!

The world's first public chain with a mobile terminal directly connected to the blockchain-BFChain Biological Chain Forest, enables the public to see the blockchain, use the blockchain, and directly through the mobile phone without any barriers. Participate in blockchain governance.

This project not only created a precedent for mobile blockchain, but also allowed distributed trusted network applications of blockchain to be directly installed on mobile devices, providing unlimited prospects for the landing and popularization of blockchain applications.

There is a very difficult technical threshold for blockchain to land in the end user market, and the difficulty of landing some industry applications that rely heavily on mobile terminals has also increased. The emergence of BFChain Biological Chain Forest solves this pain point. By installing the BFChain Biological Chain Forest node software on the mobile phone, users can directly connect to the blockchain and participate in on-chain consensus and on-chain governance. Compared with most classic blockchains such as high participation costs, high technical thresholds, waste of large amounts of power resources, etc., BFChain Biological Chain Forest has natural technical advantages, performance advantages and user advantages.

Take the node software BFT of BFChain Biological Chain Forest as an example. After the user installs it through his mobile phone, he can see the blockchain of BFChain, directly participate in the governance of the chain, and can also realize functions such as peer-to-peer payment.



Not only that, BFT also provides a custom private key function. On the basis of the algorithm to generate the password, BFChain innovatively uses the passphrase encryption technology. Users can use a poem or song they like as the private key master password. This solves the problem that the original private key generated by the algorithm is difficult to remember. The problem has increased the difficulty of password cracking. For mass users, the BFT node software greatly improves the experience of using blockchain products.

Numerous technological innovations and breakthroughs have given BFChain Biological Chain Forest an amazing system performance, and it also represents that China's public chain technology is leading the world. BFChain has achieved 10000+TPS and a second-level confirmation speed. The two-hour trading user capacity can reach 50 million+, and the browsing users are more than 100 million. This means that BFChain can basically meet the daily needs of current netizens, and it is expected to become the next-generation distributed trusted network infrastructure after it is officially launched. .

▲ Performance comparison of BFChain, Bitcoin and Ethereum

Since the BFChain Biological Chain Forest can be equipped with a variety of APPs, so that various applications will land on the user's mobile phone, in the near future, BFChain will be able to build a global credit age life scene based on the infrastructure. By then, the general public will perceive and use the blockchain without barriers.