Why understand blockchain, blockchain ≠ speculation

When it comes to blockchain, many people may have heard of it, but everyone has a different understanding and participation in the blockchain. Then why should we take the initiative to understand and learn about the blockchain, what is the relationship between the blockchain and each of us in the future?


Why should you learn about blockchain?

Technology is the most respectable force for each of us. Technology changes the world. Every progress of mankind is driven by technology. The maturity and application of every new technology will change every aspect of our lives and promote the whole society. Progress will change social production relations, and at the same time will create more wealth opportunities. Pay attention to new technology, pay attention to new technology, your world will be different.

The first industrial revolution, represented by the steam engine, was a major leap in the transformation of mankind from manual labor to mechanized production of power machinery.

The second industrial revolution was represented by the large-scale application of electricity, which allowed mankind to enter the electrical age from the steam age.

The information technology represented by the computer in the third industrial revolution brought various industries from machinery and analog circuits to the information age.

Looking forward to the next ten to twenty years, new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data will become an important part of the fourth industrial revolution and will have a huge impact on the progress of human civilization.

In short, blockchain is the only technology that can solve the crisis of trust at present. The traceability, non-tamperable, and decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology make it naturally "trustworthy" and will solve various industries in the future. And even the various trust issues faced by the entire society. The biggest cost in the process of social development comes from trust. If the cost of trust is reduced, the overall economic benefits will be greatly improved. With blockchain technology, we no longer need centralized institutions to enhance our credit. Using blockchain technology can improve the credit of every decentralized individual and organization. The social production cost will be greatly reduced, and the production efficiency will be greatly reduced. Improve, and the world will become a better place.

At the same time, the token economy of the blockchain is also a new business thinking. The token economy is a subversion of the current corporate economy and will reshape commerce, capital, and the market. Allowing each individual and each organization to obtain token rewards based on their own labor force, allowing each value-creating role to share value fairly, and fully mobilizing participants' motivation will greatly increase social productivity and change production relations.

What can blockchain bring us?

If you position yourself as an ordinary user, the future combination of blockchain technology and traditional enterprises and Internet enterprises will bring a variety of new products and services. If you understand the blockchain, you will enjoy the blockchain. All kinds of new products and services brought by chain technology will make your life better. At the same time, you can also get token rewards in the process of participating in sharing new products and services, increasing your wealth and income.

If you are a freelancer, blockchain will bring you huge community dividends. In the future, various blockchain technologies will bring a variety of new products and services, and there will be a large number of tasks that need to be completed by community organizations. , There are huge dividends in the process of completing the task. In the future, huge blockchain users will spontaneously join various community organizations, and communities of various sizes and brands will be formed in the future to share the blockchain community dividends.

If you are an entrepreneur, you must be experiencing the current hardships of starting a business and the saturation competition in the industry. The advent of blockchain technology will be a huge new entrepreneurial opportunity for all entrepreneurs. At present, the development of blockchain technology and the industry is still in its infancy, with large room for development and relatively small competition, just like the beginning of the Internet 20 years ago. Whoever can grasp the first opportunity of blockchain entrepreneurship will surely get a better opportunity for entrepreneurship.

If you are the boss of a traditional company or an Internet company, you may be experiencing the dilemma of high costs, low profits, and difficulty in expanding customers, and you are encountering various bottlenecks in the development of the industry. Understanding and learning about the blockchain, combining blockchain technology and the economic thinking of blockchain, will enable your products and services to acquire more customers at a lower cost, mobilize all customers’ enthusiasm for participation, and make your The enterprise develops better.

Of course, the current blockchain technology and commercial applications are not yet mature enough, and there are still many problems to be solved. I believe that the continuous maturity and progress of technology will enable blockchain technology to better integrate with the real economy and empower the real economy.

What we have to do now is to actively learn and understand the blockchain, and actively embrace the blockchain. Whether you are an ordinary user, a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a business owner, you will seize the opportunity in the face of new technologies. Or you can wait until the blockchain technology is mature enough and landed, and let the blockchain embrace you.