The difference between Biological Chain Forest BFChain and other public chain or mobile phone mining products

What is the difference between BFChain's world's first mobile public chain and other public chains or other so-called mobile mining products?

Current Blockchain Project

Almost all of the current blockchains can only run on the PC side or the server side. Although some have light wallets, which solve the problem of mobile data query and transaction signature to a certain extent, the mobile side cannot participate in the blockchain. In the consensus mechanism, those who cannot participate in the consensus mechanism will not have the governance power of the blockchain.

The development of mobile DAPPs on public chains such as Ethereum only uses smart contracts to tokenize mobile applications. The mobile terminal cannot participate in blockchain governance. It is necessary to introduce a centralized node to provide data transfer services from the blockchain to the mobile terminal. The essence is Introduced third-party center credit on the website.

The so-called mobile phone mining on this DAPP is only a centralized reward for rights and interests. More generally speaking, this kind of mobile phone mining is only transferred from a centralized server to the mobile terminal, and the mobile terminal users are not on the chain. , Let alone participate in on-chain governance.


BFChain really technically supports and realizes that mobile users can log on and participate in on-chain governance. Its first DPOP consensus mechanism that conforms to the characteristics of the mobile terminal allows everyone to participate in on-chain governance through diversified participation. Obtaining rights and interests rewards through degree contribution methods, realizing and reshaping the mobile terminal credit mechanism.

At the same time, BFChain is combined with daily application scenarios, such as chatting and mining in social scenarios. The blockchain solves the problems of non-privacy, insecurity, and non-credit of centralized apps. It also allows users to use DAPPs at the same time. Participate in blockchain governance to obtain equity rewards.

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As mentioned above, basically all the current so-called mobile mining products are centralized equity rewards, there is no decentralized credit mechanism, and it is not a real mobile blockchain.