Distinguish between true and false mobile blockchains, only by this one can pass 99% of the projects

1. How to trade offline?

In life, we will encounter such a scenario: when taking a high-speed rail through a tunnel, the mobile device has no signal, but at this time you are eager to process a transfer transaction, what should you do?

Usually, because there is no way to process the transaction, it can only be processed after the signal is restored. However, in BFChain's node software BFT, such a problem can be easily solved: You only need to use its original offline transaction function to obtain transaction confirmation.


▲BFChain offline transaction-transfer out equity

What exactly does "offline" mean?

Before explaining this innovative technology in detail, we might as well go offline in different projects:

We know that on a blockchain network where PC-end nodes constitute a consensus, the communication between nodes relies on network links. Therefore, most situations in which a node is "offline" are situations such as disconnection, shutdown, etc. However, BFChain's situation is quite different. The main reason is that it has independent property rights of [Full Link Duplex Communication Technology] (http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzU3NDc0Nzg4Nw==&mid=2247484456&idx=1&sn=27c7e60a520428e5141813d1966f9f4f&chksbeneb398e=fd6ff8f4f&chksm28e=fd6ff8f4f&chksm2827e1385027e13f9f9f4f&chkssm=f5fc6f9f4f&chksm2 #wechat_redirect) (click to view related pushes in the past) and application routing patent solve the core communication and diversified connection methods.


▲BFChain offline transaction-receiving rights

As the world's first mobile directly connected blockchain, BFChain empowers access to node devices not limited to the Internet connection , but also high-speed intercommunication through Bluetooth, NFC, hotspots, etc., and even processing Offline transactions. BFChain, a patented offline transaction technology, passed the national preliminary review in 2018.

2. What is the difference between offline transactions and offline wallets?

So, also with the word "offline", what is the difference between offline transactions and offline wallets?

There is a core significant difference between the two: Offline wallet only refers to the personal account and key information not connected to the Internet, so it is also called "cold wallet". The offline wallet method intends to create a sense of security for users by not connecting to the network. Contrary to this, is not really safe because it is out of the protection of cryptography.

▲The core of offline wallets is not connected to the Internet

BFChain's offline transaction is completely different from it. In the offline transaction mode, it is still a point-to-point interaction between the sender and the receiver, which is not controlled by a third party, and relies on sophisticated cryptographic protection on the chain, which has strong security.

III. BFChain original creation | offline transaction technology tailored for mobile blockchain

As the world's first mobile blockchain, every technological innovation of BFChain is the leading practice and creation in the field of mobile blockchain, and offline transaction patent technology is also an embodiment of it.

Like the example mentioned at the beginning of the article, the mobile blockchain faces such a test in practical applications:

How to ensure stable network services in an unstable network environment?

How to provide solutions under extreme communication conditions?


▲BFChain can still provide services even offline

The BFChain team went deep into the mobile blockchain business and found solutions to potential problems in actual application scenarios. BFChain's original off-line transaction patent technology generates vouchers for pending transactions, and enables transactions to be chained and confirmed through various transmission methods.

Fourth, the meaning of BFChain offline trading function

In addition to solving offline transaction requirements, BFChain offline transaction functions have the following important meanings:

1. Expand system transaction capacity

BFChain's truly decentralized point-to-point design and offline transaction capabilities allow BFChain to break away from the hard constraints of time, and transaction capacity can be infinitely expanded.

2. Break through trading time and space restrictions

Different from the high dependence on real-time online for blockchain projects that only support the PC side, BFChain's original offline transaction function allows each node on the blockchain to transact without relying on the Internet to be online, and it can truly be peer-to-peer. Transactions, even offline transactions. Offline trading technology provides a flexible solution for the rich use of mobile scenarios, breaking through the limitations of time and space.

3. Deal with extreme communication conditions

Offline transaction technology can provide stable network services in response to extreme weather and communication scenarios, provide trading solutions for regions such as Africa with unsatisfactory communication conditions, make the efficiency of infrastructure in the credit age spread all over the world global.


▲BFChain can provide offline services under extreme communication conditions

4. Enrich the ecology of BFChain Biological Chain Forest

As the infrastructure of the credit age, the realization of offline transaction functions of BFChain is of great significance. Due to the realization of multiple short-distance transmission methods in 5G technology, more IoT devices will be connected to the BFChain network in the future. BFChain offline transaction function has established a solid foundation for a variety of terminal devices to break through the limitations of time and space and participate in consensus.

5. Distinguish true and false mobile blockchain

The offline transaction function is also an important basis for judgment. Based on the usage scenarios of mobile devices, mobile devices have the physical characteristics of supporting NFC, Bluetooth, hotspots and other methods. The support of rich communication methods also proves that BFChain is a blockchain that truly supports mobile devices. **