BFChain’s first mobile endpoint-to-point communication solution, where is it?

1 P2P communication on mobile difficulties

Blockchain technology breaks many limitations of the traditional Internet. One of them is the P2P (peer to peer) communication method. At present, the blockchain has been well applied to the PC side, but it is still difficult to realize P2P data transmission on the mobile side.


▲ Schematic diagram of P2P network

The reason is that the network and communication environment between the nodes on the mobile terminal are different. The network connection method of the mobile terminal block chain currently in use cannot achieve cross-network segment, cross-network, and cross-regional network communication. , This also greatly limits the development of blockchain technology on the mobile side.

▲The communication environment of mobile devices is different

2. Existing solutions and effects

Under such a premise, some blockchain projects claim to have achieved the landing of the mobile terminal. In fact, it is through the establishment of a database server between the PC and the mobile terminal to assist in communication. The database server provides data services for mobile devices. The interconnection between mobile nodes has not been realized. In essence, a third party outside the network is still required to transfer. Therefore, there are still hidden dangers of tampering and controlling data by a third party.


▲The connection difference between mobile blockchain and traditional blockchain

3. Another way to solve the problem

On the other hand, BFChain has found a unique solution, and we can make an analogy with this idea:

In the Internet environment, how do people transfer information between people? Take WeChat as an example. When you can directly establish a connection with the other party, you can forward one-to-one. However, when the other party is outside your personal network, at this time, you need to rely on others to help forward, or you need to forward and connect through the "circle of friends" that you send to a wider range of applications.

The core of this method is to expand the communication range and change the original single communication through multiple other nodes in the network to create a multi-dimensional communication path.


▲Social relations circle

4, BFChain's communication path

We can view the solution path of BFChain through a picture:


▲Schematic diagram of BFChain network communication process

Specifically, the process is as follows:

(1) The mobile node sends out a data request and establishes a connection;

(2) Obtain a list of available network nodes from other nodes, and add to the list of network nodes when each network node discovers a new network node;

3) When the target node cannot directly communicate with the data demand node, retrieve whether the target node has a direct connection path with the data demand node;

(4) If there is a directly connectable path, it will be sent to the node on the directly connected path for proxy communication. If there is no directly connectable path, the fastest communication distance in history will be calculated based on the communication history and sent to the node on this path. For the first node, the first node performs proxy forwarding, and then proxy forwarding in turn;

(5) If the communication path to the target node cannot be calculated in the communication history, the entire network broadcast requires the target node to actively connect;

(6) If no broadcast response is received within a block period, then the target node is considered to be offline, and the data request node is returned, and no required data is fed back.

The above-mentioned BFChain is a patented technology that solves the problem of P2P communication on the mobile terminal-"An HTTP-based non-direct network communication method", which was officially published on June 25, 2019.

In this way, what problem has BFChain solved?

In this technical patent, two key problems are mainly solved:

1.Realize the communication and transmission of mobile nodes across communication conditions and devices

2.Provide support for the establishment of connections between nodes and find the optimal communication path

In addition, this solution has the following advantages

1.The target node can active connect to the data demand node;

2.There are many transmission nodes in the downstream of the whole network broadcasting form responsible for disseminating data requirements;

3.The transmission node will allocate different bandwidths according to the data format.

The patented technology of BFChain network solves the problems of P2P connection and data transmission of mobile terminal devices, realizes the application of blockchain technology on mobile terminals for the first time, and creates the world's first mobile direct connection. Mobile blockchain project BFChain**. As of September 2019, 78 technical patents of the BFChain project have passed the national preliminary examination, leading the development of mobile blockchain and laying a solid technical foundation for the implementation of mobile blockchain.