The technical characteristics and advantages of the Biological Chain Forest

1. Solve the core problems of the enterprise

Bio-Chain Forest is a mobile-end blockchain underlying infrastructure with completely domestically-owned intellectual property rights. It is also the world's first mobile-end blockchain network. It has a unique consensus mechanism based on user participation and free-growing cross-chain technology, etc. characteristic. At present, 96 national invention patents of blockchain have been reviewed and more than 60 invention patents have been published (as of 2020.11).

The bio-chain forest alliance chain is a parallel alliance chain developed on the underlying platform of the mobile blockchain. It is a general-purpose underlying infrastructure (called "trusted data version") that can achieve high performance, high security, and high availability The distributed network of the enterprise makes the enterprise's data safe and reliable, realizes data sharing, unrestricted storage, efficient accounting and accounting, and efficient and transparent auditing.

Entrepreneurs must understand the pain point of the enterprise, that is: a normal enterprise will have core data or a core ledger (such as traditional ERP system, financial system, OA system, user system, etc.), its pain point is that the data is not safe enough, and the data cannot Open up, data cannot be traced, storage space is limited, reconciliation and accounting efficiency is low, etc., there is no effective means to completely solve these problems. And this is precisely that the core technology of the Biological Chain Forest can be used to solve these problems of the enterprise without changing the existing hardware of the enterprise, and to ensure the safety, openness, efficiency and credibility of the enterprise’s core data or ledger, and at the same time it will not It is extremely simple to affect the normal use of other functions, which is equivalent to replacing a perpetual motion machine for the enterprise.

Secondly, another pain point of physical enterprises is product sales. The products of physical enterprises are digitized in the Biological Chain Forest to anchor physical products, so that enterprises can directly reach end users, and anchor physical digital assets in the terminal to be safe, reliable, and reliable. Efficient circulation means that the company's products can be circulated in any scene, any platform, and any market, and sales are ubiquitous, which is equivalent to adding an "any door" to the company.

The use of Biological Chain Forest technology means that enterprises have both perpetual motion machines + arbitrary doors, core data security, enterprise operations are efficient and transparent, product sales are ubiquitous, and there is unlimited room for expansion, allowing enterprises to change the track and take off in an instant!

For example: the company is a car, and the core account book is the engine. Previously, the engine needed to be refueled or charged. Now that the bio-chain forest technology is used, the company becomes a perpetual motion machine. The efficiency of accounting and accounting has been greatly improved; at the same time, enterprise products can be circulated in any scene, any platform, and any market, and sales are ubiquitous; the enterprise is equivalent to having a perpetual motion machine + any door.

Second, the technical features and advantages of the trusted data version

Compared with the underlying technology of the alliance chain of other companies, the company's underlying technology of the alliance chain has the following characteristics and advantages:

1. Mobile blockchain network: The trusted data version is a blockchain underlying network technology that mobile terminals can be deployed as directly connected nodes and participate in governance. It can meet all terminal devices (including PC and mobile terminals). Really on the chain.

2. No upper limit on the number of nodes: The trusted data version is based on the DPOP consensus mechanism and adopts NAAS technology. The more participating nodes, the stronger the distributed ability and the higher the network performance, so the number of nodes can be unlimited. Other alliance chains often fail to guarantee the credibility of participating nodes as the number of participating nodes increases, and their performance will rapidly decay.

3. All participating nodes are full nodes: All participating nodes of the trusted data version are not subject to the division of physical attributes, and there is no need to distinguish node types with different functions according to different hardware attributes. They are all equal full nodes and have all Complete transaction processing capabilities, including query, voting, verification, block breaking/accounting, etc. The trusted data version can realize multi-node collaboration and rapid block breaking, multi-node participation in verification, multi-node participation in synchronous broadcasting, and no targeted attacks. This greatly improves the performance, security, and credibility of the blockchain network. Other consortium chains often design different node divisions based on different physical attributes, such as designing special verification nodes and accounting nodes to process check and block blocks to improve the performance of the blockchain network. Once the verification nodes and block nodes are Targeted attacks will threaten the security of the entire network.

4. Realize high-performance multi-node collaborative work: The performance of the blockchain network is determined by hardware attributes, network bandwidth and system throughput. The Trusted Data version can achieve a TPS of 100,000+, and can achieve millisecond-level TPS on the basis that each node participates in the collaborative work of check and block without the need to design special hardware attributes and network bandwidth. Transaction verification speed. Other alliance chains generally design special verification nodes and accounting nodes to obtain higher performance, and other nodes cannot participate in check and block, nor can all nodes work together; some alliance chains’ TPS is just response speed Rather than including the performance of checksum blocking.

5. Mass data storage capacity and data service performance: The Trusted Data Edition uses memory-imaging database technology + multi-dimensional shard storage technology. All nodes can participate in storage and ensure certain data service performance, so that storage space is Storage performance has been improved qualitatively. Other alliance chains generally achieve storage expansion by improving storage hardware attributes.

6. General-purpose network deployment: Based on a safe and efficient distributed network architecture, the trusted data version has lower requirements for network construction. Only a general-purpose network is required to build a safe and efficient blockchain network. In order to achieve better network performance and security, other alliance chains generally have higher requirements for bandwidth, and often need to build a higher-cost professional-level network.

7. Support cross-platform multi-terminal development and node deployment: The trusted data version can be used for cross-terminal development and node deployment on systems including Android, ios on the mobile side, windows on the PC side, Linux on the server side, and other areas Blockchain can only be developed and deployed on the PC and server side.

8. Support multi-chain parallel and cross-chain: Trusted Data Edition is a parallel alliance chain developed based on the underlying technology of the Biological Chain Forest, which can interact with other parallel chains for data cross-chain interaction, and seamlessly migrate to mobile in the future Lay the foundation for the public chain.

9. The trusted data version belongs to the general underlying infrastructure of the blockchain: It can serve all types of blockchain application service scenarios, and can also implement privatized blockchain deployment for enterprises. At present, all companies that focus on the development of blockchain application services (including Ant, Tencent, Baidu, etc.) are blockchain application services (ie BaaS) platforms, and they can develop blockchain application services based on the trusted data version.