Biological Chain Forest BFChain’s 5 major innovations in credibility

Compared with the traditional Internet, blockchain technology is often regarded as a solution to credit problems. The immutability of data, the uniqueness of data, the privacy and security of personal information, etc., are all regarded as the common features of the blockchain at the credibility level. So on the basis of these credible common characteristics, what innovations and surpasses does the Biological Chain Forest BFChain have?

1. The mobile terminal is directly connected and participates in on-chain governance

BFChain is the world's first mobile directly connected public chain. Realize the direct connection and co-governance of mobile nodes. From the PC end to the mobile end, it breaks through the technical constraints of using transit access to the server. Nodes will be able to visually see and participate in the operation of the blockchain through the node software on the mobile terminal. To

200 million million million million million years of network cracking difficulty

BFChain reformed the SHA256 encryption technology. After the transformation, the difficulty of cracking is reached: traditional computer cracking requires 100 million billion billion billion billion billion billion years (warm reminder for seniors: 7-digit billion); current quantum computers are 100 million times faster than traditional computers, and it takes 100 million billion billion to crack. 100 million years (warm reminder for seniors: 5-digit billion).

3. Master password + payment password, double protection

In the network design of BFChain, there is not only a guarantee mechanism for the account master password (private key). The payment password breaks through the shackles of the classic blockchain multi-signature, turning an independent account into a double signature, that is, a double password/private key. The length of the custom payment password can be set at will. Even when the length of the payment password is set to 1 digit, the difficulty of cracking exceeds that of the master password. To

4. Password technology to increase the difficulty of cracking

Passphrase password: ED25519, BFChain innovatively uses passphrase password technology (custom password technology) based on the algorithm generated password. Users can use their favorite line, song, poem, etc. as the master password This not only solves the problem that the original key characters generated by the algorithm are messy and meaningless and difficult to remember, but also increases the difficulty of password cracking. To

5. Digital signature

SHA256, BFChain’s original dual digital signature technology allows users’ information security to be fully protected, and other users have the opportunity to get the first digital signature (there is a possibility of repeated password generation, and the password may also be stolen by hackers or malware). The second digital signature in BFChain's original dual digital signature technology will give full play to the role of protecting the security of information and digital assets.

With the above several guarantee mechanisms, imagine how many "challenges" a malicious node that intends to tamper with in the BFChain network:

  1. The data cannot be tampered with by a certain server, so it gains control of the entire network. Under the consensus mechanism of BFChain DPOP (Delegated Participation Proof of Equity), it is necessary to control all the trustees of the current block.
  2. Re-modify all previous block hash values ​​+ timestamp of the tampered node.

However, with the passage of time, the difficulty and cost of manufacturing new chains have risen exponentially, and as the chains become longer and longer, the difficulty and costs become higher and higher. In addition, unlike in the Bitcoin network, which requires 51% of the computing power of the entire network, to control all the trustees of BFChain, it means to control the entire blockchain. To achieve this is an almost impossible task.

Finally, the BFChain network has become a hard-to-break, open, transparent, and non-tamperable credit infrastructure.