Command line tool

Get help information for command line tools

Enter the command "bcf /?" or "bcf /help" to get the BCF command line help description (under Linux, "bcf -h" or "bcf "--help" is "bcf /?" or "bcf /help", the following uses Windows as an example), the detailed command list is as follows:

Command abbreviation Complete command Interface command function description
/h /help bcf command line tool usage help
/v /version View version information
/sp /setpassword Set command line execution password
/glb /getLastblock Get the latest block
/gb /getBlock Get the specified block
/gt /getTransactions Get the specified event
/ga /getAccountInfoAndAssets Get account information by address
/ca /createAccount Create Account
/gci /getConfigInfo View node parameter information
/gbc /getBlockChainStatus View node status
/tta /trTransferAsset Send equity transfer event
/tsi /trSignature Send set security password event
/tusr /trUsername Send address naming event
/tdeg /trDelegate Send registered forger event
/tav /trAcceptVote Send acceptance vote event
/trv /trRejectVote Send rejection vote event
/tv /trVote Send governance voting events
/tda /trDapp Send create DAPPID event
/tdap /trDappPurchasing Send DAPPID paid events
/tmr /trMark Send data storage event
/tia /trIssueAsset Send equity issue event
/tdya /trDestoryAsset Send event of destruction of equity
/ttea /trToExchangeAsset Send equity exchange event
/tbea /trBeExchangeAsset Send and receive equity exchange events
/ttesa /trToExchangeSpecAsset Send asset exchange event
/tbesa /trBeExchangeSpecAsset Send and receive asset exchange events
/tga /trGiftAsset Send equity gift event (red envelope event)
/tgra /trGrabAsset Send and receive rights gift event (red envelope grab event)
/ttra /trTrustAsset Send delegated equity event
/tsfa /trSignForAsset Send and receive entrusted equity event
/tln /trLocationName Send registration and cancellation of location name system events
/tslm /trSetLnsManager Send set name system administrator event
/tslns /trSetLnsRecordValue Send set bit name system resolution value event
/mmi /miningMachineInfo Node Information
/sfc /safetyClose Safely close the node
/ssk /setSystemKey Set node password
/vfs /verifySystemKey Verify node password
/asa /addSystemAdmin Add node administrator
/ssd /setSystemDelegate Set node delegate
/ssd /getSystemDelegate Get Node Trustee
/gsa /getSystemAdmin Get Node Administrator
/ssc /setSystemConfig Set node configuration information
/grs /getRuntimeState Set node state (real-time information)
/gsm /getSystemMonitor Get node access statistics
/glt /getSystemLoggerType Get the node running log type
/gll /getSystemLoggerList Get a list of node running logs
/gld /getSystemLoggerDetail Get the content of the node running log
/gsci /getSystemConfigInfo Get node configuration information
/gea /getEmailAddress Get the node email address
/sea /setEmailAddress Set node email address
/vsa /verifySystemAdmin Verify Node Administrator
/vss /verifySystemSecret Verify node trustee through node private key
/swl /setSystemWhiteList Set node whitelist
/gwl /getSystemWhiteList Get the node whitelist
/dwl /delSystemWhiteList Delete node whitelist
/gpn /getProcessNetwork Get node process network information
/gpc /getProcessCPU Get node process
/gpm /getProcessMemory Get node process memory information
/dsa /delSystemAdmin Delete node administrator
/ess /systemStatus Send node status regularly
/esp /systemProcess Send nodes regularly


  1. For a single command: you can enter "/?" to view the details of the command help information, such as "bcf /glb /?" View the help information details of the command to get the latest block;

  2. For command combination: if you need to view the help information of multiple commands, you can directly enter multiple commands and add "/?" For example "bcf /glb /gb /?"

-Note: Without entering "/?", only /sp(/setpassword) can be combined with other commands, For example, bcf /glb /sp 123 means to set the command line execution password to 123 and obtain the latest altitude. in the case of The combination of bcf /glb /gb will be illegal.

  1. The help information is shown in the figure below

  1. Query the help information of a command

    Take "/gb" as an example. Enter "bcf /gb /?" to get help information

Command line call example

According to the help information in the above figure, you can enter "bcf /gb height=5" to query the block according to the height, and the query height is 5 The block is returned as follows:

Return parameter description

The return parameter contains two parts:

  1. Call success/failure flag:

    Return the first parameter success in the parameters, indicating whether the result of the call is success or failure.

    1. If the result of the call is successful, success:true is returned

  1. If the result of the call fails, success: false is returned, and an error message is returned at the same time:

  1. Implementation results

    The second parameter in the return parameter is the execution result. There are two types of command lines: query command lines and setting command lines:

    1. When the command to execute the query operation is executed successfully, the return result is as follows:

  1. When the command to execute the configuration operation is executed successfully, the return result is generally: