1. Description

​ Used to open an application.

2. Method

  • openBrl(brl: string): PromiseLike<BFS.Channel.Port | undefined>;

    • Parameter Description -brl: application open path
    • Return Value: Port used for duplex communication between two applications
    import "@bfs/bfchain-runtime-typings";
    const bfs = bfsprocess.import("bfs");
    (async ()=>{
       // Open an application B, get a current application A and application B duplex communication port
       const duplexPort = await bfs.openBrl("test://");
       if (duplexPort) {
           // Receive the message sent by application B
              console.log("Message sent by application B:", data);
           // App A sends a message to App B
           duplexPort.send('Hello, I am A');
namespace BFS {
    namespace Channel {
        interface Port<I = unknown, O = unknown> {
          send(msg: O, transfer?: any): void;
          close(): void;
          onRec: BFS.Evt.AttachOnlyEvtBase<I>;
          onRecError: BFS.Evt.AttachOnlyEvtBase<unknown>;
          onClosed: BFS.Evt.StatefulEvt.AttachOnlyEvtBase<boolean>;